You feel lonely. You think you’re broken. You’re wishing you could go back to innocent carousel riding days. Does this hit you right in the heart?

I hear you. Your feelings are real, they’re valid. But listen, you’re not too far broken that the pieces can’t come back together.

Oh beautiful friend, I’m not sure what you are going through but I sure do know how these things impact your heart. Maybe you’ve lost your virginity and wish you could take it back. Maybe you fell into the wrong crowd. Maybe you feel as though you’re friendless. Maybe someone you loved was taken from you and you’re angry at God.

I guess I just want to encourage you that you aren’t alone in what you’re going through. Our God doesn’t just reign, He’s relational. Reach to him in your pain. He’s near to the broken-hearted.

Prayer is so much more than a one way conversation. In fact, it’s not one way at all. Maybe it feels as if you’re not getting answers. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable praying. But I’m here to encourage you to cozy up to the Lord like an old friend- He is listening, He is acting, He is shaping the life you live. Let Him into that dark and scary corner of your heart. He’s waiting to switch on a light and guide you to freedom. He’s ready to break all of the chains holding you hostage.

This freedom creates joy that surpasses the feeling you had as a kiddo on a carousel.

📸 by Jason Slater , JOY by Jesus