College, Identity


Our trip was cold, really windy, and we spent two out of three days at sea. Our day in the Bahamas was cloudy. I was cold, and I cried (lol). We had margaritas and burgers at Margaritaville because I wanted wifi to FaceTime call my mom…. instead of making the most of it I just… Read More Pretending



College has changed me, but not in the way I thought. … Cliché, I know. I thought maybe I’d grow out of being a “goodie two shoes,” maybe learn to cook a few meals, manage my time and discover what my future career would be. Oh man, college has done so much more than that.… Read More College


Spiritual Legacy

I just LOVE watching these sweet girlies run after Jesus. It brings me so much joy. Grab some friends, be a disciple, share in community and snuggle up. It’s time we live in community with Jesus and with each other. Sharing burdens with one another is important. Sharing our highs and lows are important. Find… Read More Spiritual Legacy

College, Friendship


One time I was invited to go to Europe over spring break with a group of girls. I was so excited, probably too excited because for once I got included in someone’s plans. I started looking at flights, talking with my parents about finances, looking into my savings, and telling my boyfriend all about how… Read More Uninvited