There’s a song I would listen to, several years ago, that set a fire in my heart. It helped me escape a place of inadequacy; it helped me find purpose. These words: “let them see You, in me” helped form my desire to love, to show the world the character¬†of Christ and to share the gospel. I worked to do this in my relationship circle but knew the Lord was calling me to share His Name to a bigger audience.


And then it hit me… why was I using my social media for personal gain, likes, and comments, when I could use it to build His kingdom? I had a unique platform, over a thousand followers on Instagram (made up of mostly my sorority sisters), that I could use to share the message of unconditional love, grace, forgiveness, and joy that can only come from Jesus.


Dear sister, I’m here to offer my brokenness and my heart. I’m not here to be a standard to live up to, but a standard to surpass. Keep hustling, resting, and loving. Strive for Jesus.


You can find the song that I mentioned here. I pray it reminds you of your greater purpose.