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Is God a Feminist?

Feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.”[1] Regardless of your definition of Feminism, I think we can all agree the bottom line of feminism in our culture is equality for women. Now, this isn’t some left wing liberal propaganda (or right-wing propaganda, for that matter), but a look at… Read More Is God a Feminist?



Your testimony is an important part of sharing the Gospel! It’s your story. It’s how Jesus changed your life! To best share your experience of accepting Jesus into your life, we recommend you organize your thoughts. Below is a sheet that was given to us by CRU Staff at Greek Summit: hope it helps!

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Greek Ministry- Resources

Recommended Resources I highly recommend checking out, the website of the University of Florida’s greek ministry. Watch the videos by some of my sweetest friends. is another incredible resource. There are phenomenal resources, strategies, and advice on this page that include pledge class talks, developing a plan, and just an overall “Greek Ministry 101.”… Read More Greek Ministry- Resources