He Likes His Oatmeal With Water

He really bugs me sometimes… He likes his oatmeal with water instead of milk and his coffee black. He thinks organic food is silly and is always 10 times more outgoing than I.

We are different. He’s extroverted and I’d rather sit alone with a book. The way we worship Jesus is different. Our past is different, and for both of us, it’s filled with hurt. We are broken.
But you know what? You know why we work? We run toward Jesus. We run separately toward him for now, but this ultimately brings us together. We are kinder to each other. We show grace toward each other. And we work to embody Christ.

What’s the secret to a relationship? Working on your relationship with Jesus first, making Him number one, and prioritizing Him.

Thank you, Jesus, for accepting me as I am. Thank you, Jason, for constantly embodying Jesus and always accepting me, encouraging me, forgiving me, and reminding me who I am in Christ.