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Our trip was cold, really windy, and we spent two out of three days at sea.

Our day in the Bahamas was cloudy. I was cold, and I cried (lol). We had margaritas and burgers at Margaritaville because I wanted wifi to FaceTime call my mom…. instead of making the most of it I just whined to Jason that it was bad weather and I didn’t feel well.

If you want a lesson in how to be a “Negative Nancy,” just ask me!!!!!

Moral of the story: those pictures you see on Instagram aren’t the whole story. No one ever shows the world the dirty parts. No one ever shows the parts that make them (gasp) human.

Are you feeling down based on the highlight reel of lives you see on Instagram? I’ve been there. Are you feeling lonely or broken? Been there too.

Friend, you’re not alone. We are all broken. We all need a savior. And social media highlight reels can get us down only if we let the devil’s lies into our heads.

Crack open your bible and read Romans 15:13, James 4:14-15, 1 John 5:3

You don’t have to be on a fancy island with perfect weather, have a perfect boyfriend, the most elegant clothes, or the perfect body. Not even the perfect Instagram will bring you joy or help you feel accepted. Nope. Only Jesus can do that. Will you invite him in?

You’re invited. You’re loved. You’re a princess. You’re delighted in. You’re chosen. You’re all of these things because you’re you, not because of who you pretend you are.