Pro Life

Pro life does

I want you to take a second to think about your pro life view. Yes, Christian human, I’m talking to you. It’s no secret that you’re pro life. Right? Me too. You post it on social media. Me too. You may even march in Washington DC. Maybe you ridicule the parents who have aborted a baby, maybe you don’t. But I want to talk about the empty pro life view that you have. Yes, you’re pro life. Me too. Yes, God says to you and me (and the babies that haven’t been born yet) in Jeremiah 1:5 that before he formed you in the womb, he knew you.

Okay. We agree on that. A child’s life matters.

But, your statement that you are pro life is empty. And it’s not enough. Are you pro child? Are you pro adoption? Are you pro foster care?

Because there is more to pro life than a social media argument.

And there is more to Jesus than a meaningless phrase. YOU are called to serve. Me too. YOU are called to take care of children. Me too. YOU are called to be pro life, but not in an empty way. Me too. YOU are called to be pro life in a big way.

I hope you take action today in your community; I hope today you commit to foster care, I hope today you commit to adoption, I hope today you commit to Christ.

Because I believe there is more to love than words. I believe love does.