A Relational God, Believe

Remember the Promise

I used to think my faith depended on my knowledge of Christianity. The use of words like “salvation” and “intentional” were important for me to understand and if I could just “fill my cup up” and “pour out” I was really doing it right.

I had this view that God would just tell me what to do. That He was far away. That I was just supposed to obey. That’s it. And the better I was at following rules, the better my Christian self was.

Well I want to let you in on a little something… this failed miserably. Why? Because it was impossible for me to live up to my own expectations and impossible for me to live up to every single law every minute of the day.

I was forgetting the entire New Testament. I was forgetting the promise. I didn’t work toward a relationship with Him, I worked toward the unattainable goal of perfection.

Are you looking for fulfillment in how perfectly you follow commands or are you looking to the perfector?

Cling to the promise and be honest with God because “faith is about relational loyalty not intellectual certainty” and everything God promises, He performs (Pastor Mike Patz).

His promises will be fulfilled. It’s not the perfection of your faith but the perfection of the God you believe in. Seek Him with all your heart, develop your relationship with Him. Lay it all down at the cross.

Hebrews 7:11 | Hebrews 10:14 | Psalm 18:30 | Jeremiah 29:13