Spiritual Legacy

I just LOVE watching these sweet girlies run after Jesus. It brings me so much joy.

Grab some friends, be a disciple, share in community and snuggle up. It’s time we live in community with Jesus and with each other.

Sharing burdens with one another is important. Sharing our highs and lows are important. Find friends that lift you up, encourage you, and never put you down.

If you’re in a sorority, a club, or on a team, be bold in your faith and find some friends to worship with. Start a bible study, disciple the pledge classes below you, and encourage new leaders.

Leave a spiritual legacy in your organization. Leave a footprint of the gospel on your campus.

We can’t do this life alone.

Thank you @soulscripts for sharing your heart. We love studying Gods word through your “College” study book. I highly recommend checking it out (Amazon or ebook).