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Is God a Feminist?

Feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.”[1] Regardless of your definition of Feminism, I think we can all agree the bottom line of feminism in our culture is equality for women. Now, this isn’t some left wing liberal propaganda (or right-wing propaganda, for that matter), but a look at… Read More Is God a Feminist?

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Maybe you broke up with him, maybe he broke up with you, maybe you know it was the right decision, or maybe you’re confused because you thought when he said forever, he meant it. Your situation may be unknown to me, but I sure know the pain you feel because I’ve been there. That’s what’s… Read More Single


Spiritual Legacy

I just LOVE watching these sweet girlies run after Jesus. It brings me so much joy. Grab some friends, be a disciple, share in community and snuggle up. It’s time we live in community with Jesus and with each other. Sharing burdens with one another is important. Sharing our highs and lows are important. Find… Read More Spiritual Legacy