College, Friendship


One time I was invited to go to Europe over spring break with a group of girls. I was so excited, probably too excited because for once I got included in someone’s plans. I started looking at flights, talking with my parents about finances, looking into my savings, and telling my boyfriend all about how great this would be for my personal growth.

A few days later, two girls from the trip texted me and told me that they just couldn’t have me come anymore because of financial reasons. They said it would be a burden to have another person there. They said it would be uncomfortable for one of the girls if I came because she didn’t know me.

You know what I heard? I heard “you’re a burden.” I heard “no one wants you there.” I heard “they invited you out of pity.” I heard “you’re not enough.” These were pure lies from the enemy, but this is what I internalized. I was crushed. I was annoyed at the situation, hurt by the community of girls I so longed to be a part of and broken down by the lie that I was a burden.

I’m sure they didn’t mean to make me feel this way, but because of my past hurt in elementary, middle, and high school, this felt like someone stepping on my, already broken, self-worth.

Friend, maybe you’ve been uninvited by someone in your life. Maybe you’ve been dumped by a boy. Maybe you’ve been feeling not enough. I want to encourage you that you’re always invited with Jesus. He takes us right in our broken, messy lives and reminds us that only He can make us whole. You are loved even when the people in your life tell you that you’re not. Seek Jesus. YOU were chosen, hand picked, and you belong. Ask Him to remind you of this truth.

While you’re at it, read this awesome book that speaks to the core of this hurt.